Abels Field 2012 Full Movie

PGGenre: Drama
Year: Duration: 104 MinView: 7 views
7 votes, average 6.6 out of 10

Seth McArdle (Samuel Davis) is a high school senior with an especially full plate. Not only must he navigate the usual social and academic pitfalls of high school, but he has to contend with his young twin sisters, serving as de facto parent in the absence of his deceased mother and deadbeat father. The pressure mounts when the bank calls with a foreclosure warning, and Seth’s frustrations spill over into various altercations with the school football team. An exasperated coach exiles Seth to work after school with Abel the eccentric groundskeeper (Kevin Sorbo). Their relationship starts off cold and rocky, but as the two spend more time together, they realize they have more in common than either thought. The downside: it’s pretty much pain and sadness that they share. The upside: God loves them.

Tagline:Sometimes the heroes are on the sidelines
Language:English, Deutsch

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