Anak Halal 2007 Full Movie

Genre: Action
Year: Duration: 115 MinView: 259 views
1 votes, average 6.0 out of 10

Hisham, a drug dealer, finds himself stuck in a situation where he had to hand over his young son to a homeless woman. Hisham is caught and jailed. Mariam, who is a few cans short of a six pack raises the baby, now named after the famed legend “Indraputra”, in very meager circumstances, but full of love and art. They live in a squatter area and have neighbors named Bu Leha and Putra’s best friend, Johanna. They move to Kuala Lumpur in hopes of a better life, but Putra and Johanna inevitably grow up to be street kids, tough and full of conflict. They live hand to mouth, but at the same time their poverty does not stop them from having strong friendships and at times, to enjoy their youth.

Tagline:kisah realiti kepincangan masyarakat [social upheavals of reality story]
Language:Bahasa melayu

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