Bas Ek Pal 2006 Full Movie

Year: Duration: 150 MinView: 83 views
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Nikhil Kapoor decides to re-locate from Parksville, USA to Bombay; meets with Anamika Joshi and instantly falls in love with her but she does not reciprocate. When he sees her again, she is in the company of a possessive male, Farhad, who does not permit Nikhil to even talk with her. When Nikhil persists, an altercation ensues, weapons are drawn and Rahul, Nikhil’s friend, is shot and ends losing the use of his legs, and Nikhil is arrested. After 3 years, Ira Malhotra enters Nikhil’s life, hears his story and decides to assist him – not knowing that this move will jeopardize not only her life but also three other lives.

Language:हिन्दी, اردو

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