Krazzy 4 2008 Full Movie

PGGenre: Comedy, Crime, Drama
Year: Duration: 110 MinView: 4 views
12 votes, average 4.4 out of 10

Employed with ‘We Care Rehabilitation Centre’ for the mentally challenged, wealthy Dr. Sonali Sanyal decides to take four patients, methodical Mukherjee; patriotic Gangadhar; Daboo who does not converse; and Raja, who has anger management issues, for an outing in her vehicle. Shortly thereafter hilarious chaos and panic will result at the Centre after the Police telephone them that Sonali is missing and may have been abducted by her four patients. To add to the chaos, her husband, Ravi, publicly announces a reward of 5 Crore Rupees – resulting in the involvement of assorted characters who undertake to locate her in order to claim this reward.

Revenue:$ 8.000.000,00

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