Ma Deng Ru Lai Shen Zhang 1990 Full Movie

Year: Duration: 99 MinView: 115 views
1 votes, average 6.0 out of 10

An update of the 1960s Chinese martial arts story, Buddha’s Palm, friends Charles and Chi (Andy Lau, Pak-Cheung Chan) visit Mainland China and discover an ancient cave that houses what is supposed to be the makeshift tomb of the legendary martial artist Lung Gim-Fei. The friends find an old spell book and practice some magic, which unintentionally breaks open a wall and releases a dormant princess (Joey Wang) and her handmaiden (Siu-Wai Mui). Charles and Chi take the Princess and her Handmaiden back to Hong Kong with them, unaware that they were followed by the just-awaken evil warlord, Tien Chien (Wah Yuen).

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