New Perfect Two 2012 Full Movie

Genre: Drama, Family
Year: Duration: 100 MinView: 8 views
6 votes, average 4.9 out of 10

Ah Bee, a former superstar motorcycle racer who gave up on the sport after a bad fall on the track left him physically and emotionally scarred. Now Ah Bee is a self-loathing, boozing, gambling layabout with a faithful girl named Maniu, a spunky tomboy who cooks his meals, launders his clothes and constantly reminds him of what a loser he is. Of course, she needles him in an adorably sassy way, making her one of those awesome in-the-movies-only girls who’ll love a man faithfully even if he’s a boozing, gambling layabout.

Budget:$ 8.456.800,00
Revenue:$ 5.750.000,00

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