Please Teach English 2003 Full Movie

NRGenre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Year: Duration: 118 MinView: 69 views
13 votes, average 6.5 out of 10

As shy, awkward and, frankly, nerdy as she is, 25 year old public official Na Young-ju has little hope of landing a boyfriend. But then a game of chance designates her as the member of her office staff who will take English courses—much to her horror. In the same class, she encounters show salesman Park Moon-su, who fancies himself a dashing ladies’ man. He’s studying English in part to communicate with his long-lost American sister, but mostly for the purpose of wielding exotic pick-up lines, and is soon deploying them at the less-than-impressed Cathy, the pretty Australian teaching the class. But while Park flirts with Cathy, it’s Young-ju who finds herself mooning after the handsome if self-absorbed fellow.


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