Pontianak Vs Orang Minyak 2012 Full Movie

Genre: Comedy, Horror
Year: Duration: 103 MinView: 339 views

Also known as “Ponti Vs Omi”, Afdlin Shauki’s latest comedy tells the story of a rivalry between two supernatural beings, a Pontianak (Vampire) and a Orang Minyak (Oil Man) who have just been inducted into the otherworld, however, in order for newbies to be accepted by the others, they have to be tested on their skills to scare the villagers of Kampung Puaka, which also consist of five Malay shamans. Ponti is a male vampire who is hated by the other vampires because most of them are women while Omi is a soft-hearted orang minyak who drives his kind crazy because of his naivety. To make things worse, the villagers of Kampung Puaka are not afraid of supernatural beings, as they descend from lineages of shamans or are supernatural beings who have repented. What will happen to Ponti and Omi?

Tagline:Who is more horror? [Siapa lagi horror?]
Language:Bahasa melayu

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